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BSRBR-RA database

Log in or get help with the BSRBR-RA database.


Log in to the BSRBR-RA database

If you have an account with us, you can log into the database using the button below.

Recommended browsers: Internet Explorer version 11 or above, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.  It is advised that browser software is kept up to date to ensure usability and security.


COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT: Please ensure that you include reports of any confirmed COVID-19 cases for BSRBR-RA participants in the adverse events section of the next scheduled follow up. A Serious Infection ‘Event of Special Interest’ form should be completed for all SERIOUS events. Thank you.


Account registration

If you're new to the BSRBR-RA and don't have a database account, please head over to the page below which will guide you through the process of setting up an account.


Training and help

If you require any assistance with the BSRBR-RA database, including training and tips on avoiding data queries, please visit the page below.


PI information

This page contains information for local principal investigators on how to approve access to the study for other local team members.