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Training for new research team members

If you are a researcher starting to work on the BSRBR-RA study for the first time we are here to support you!  Here is a detailed presentation which will take you through the main aspects of the study and some of the most important features of our online database:


Training presentation for research team members already familiar with the BSRBR-RA study

If you have previously worked on the BSRBR-RA study and will be starting to use the BSRBR-RA online database, here is a presentation that will take you through some of the most important features:


If you have any questions about the BSRBR-RA study or the BSRBR-RA database please get in touch.



One of our BSRBR-RA Clinical Pharmacovigilance Advisors can call your site to answer any questions you may have about the study.  In addition to providing a brief overview of the study this is a great opportunity to discuss BSRBR-RA eligibility criteria, completion of participant registration/follow up and the recording of adverse events. We can also tailor the call specific to your needs if there is an area of the study where you need some further information and support. If you would like to take advantage of this option please contact us to arrange a suitable time to call you by emailing the team on


Data entry training

There is a link to a 'Tutorial' on each data entry page within the BSRBR-RA database which opens a guide on how to complete data entry. To access these training guides, please visit the Database Tutorials page.

If you are interested in practicing data entry before starting on BSRBR-RA please contact us. We will be able to set up access to a training database with example questionnaires, to allow you to register a new patient and enter follow-up data. Please email the office at if you are interested.


Avoiding queries

Once BSRBR-RA data entry is complete, the co-ordinating centre administrative team review each record to ensure it is complete. To avoid queries being raised for missing data, enter a 'Feedback' message to acknowledge each field where data has not been collected. A detailed guide on how this process works can be found on our Avoiding Data Queries page.


Further information

Here are some links and other information you might find useful as you get started on the BSRBR-RA.


Contact us about training

The resources on these pages have been designed so that you can work through them without our help. However if you do need assistance with any area of our training resources, can't find what you're looking for or have more questions about the BSRBR-RA, please feel free to get in touch and we'd be happy to help.

We'd appreciate it if you could give feedback on our training resources if you have any suggestions or ideas for us to improve and enrich the resources.