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Avoiding data queries

Reduce your query workload and achieve better data quality.

Data quality is important on the BSRBR-RA - better research stems from better data. Queries help us fill in any gaps we find in the data, and are a key part to us acheiving high quality research.

However, it's always best to solve the problem at the source, so we've built this page to help you reduce the number of queries being generated, and also improve communication when dealing with data queries.

We've also created a 'handy hints' flyer (which can be downloaded here) to help avoid common data queries.


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Radio buttons

Our database pages have radio buttons which require you to make one choice, most often between Yes or No. These are often missed altogether - please check back over your selections to make sure that you have not missed any. In some cases you may also be asked to click an update button – your choice will not be saved if this button is not clicked.  If you cannot make a selection due to data unavailability, please let us know by leaving a note in the Feedback/Comments section.

Radio buttons example


Registering new patients

It is important that you have all of the relevant details to hand when registering a new patient. It is even more important that the patient is eligible for the BSRBR-RA - please consult our Eligibility page to check. If you are not sure, it is best to ask us before registering the patient, as we may have to make their record on the database invalid if they are later found to be ineligible, and your time would be wasted.

An especially important point to note is that we cannot accept registrations of patients before their treatment has started. Even if there is a planned start date, until this date comes, the patient may not actually commence treatment - in which case they would be ineligible. Remember that if the patient is new to the study, they must be registered with us within 6 months of the treatment commencing.

When you register a patient, the edit window (period in which you can still make changes) will be open for 14 days. After this, it will close automatically and you will not be able to make further changes. Please note, if baseline forms are not completed, we may set a deadline for baseline completion after which the registration will be made invalid. Invalid patients cannot be seen on the database but we will contact you to explain the reasons for invalidation.  If you think that a patient has been invalidated in error please contact us.


Responding to queries

It may seem simple, but a sparse or contradictory response to a query means we will have to repeat the query which can delay the data collection process significantly. These are some helpful guidelines for responding to queries:

  • Provide as much information as possible, including dates.
  • Check that the information you are providing is not contradicting the information that we already hold and if it does, please clarify what the correct information should be.
  • Proofread your replies to ensure that the information is correct.